Poetry / July 31, 2019 (deadline) July 31, 2019

    Winchester Poetry Prize 2019

    Organised by Winchester Poetry Festival, the Winchester Poetry Prize aims to surprise and delight. Following its launch in 2016, the Winchester Poetry Prize is now an annual competition. Poems may be..

    Poetry / July 15, 2019 (deadline) July 15, 2019

    The Rattle Poetry Prize 2019

    The annual Rattle Poetry Prize is organized by Rattle, an American poetry magazine. You may submit up to four poems per entry. Poems may be any length, any style, or any subject. Poems must be written..

    Poetry / July 18, 2019 (deadline) July 18, 2019

    Ledbury Poetry Competition 2019

    The international Ledbury Poetry Festival is the UK’s longest and largest poetry festival with ten days packed with poetry readings, slams, family activities, poetry workshops, conversations, events..

    Poetry / June 21, 2019 (deadline) June 21, 2019

    McLellan Poetry Prize 2019

    Awarded by the Arran Theatre and Arts Trust as part of the annual McLellan Arts Festival, the McLellan Poetry Prize is open worldwide to poems on any subject. Poems should be of no more than 80 lines..

    Poetry / May 1, 2019 (deadline) May 1, 2019

    Poetry London 2019 Competition

    Organised by Poetry London magazine, the Poetry London 2019 Competition is now open for entries, and it is pleased to announce the distinguished poet Sasha Dugdale as the judge of this new edition. Entries..

    Poetry / March 31, 2019 (deadline) March 31, 2019

    The Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2019

    The Caterpillar is the younger sibling of The Moth, a magazine of poems and stories and art for grown-ups. The Caterpillar is for kids between the ages of 7 and 11(ish), though grown-ups are bound to like..

    Poetry / June 30, 2019 (deadline) June 30, 2019

    University Of Canberra Vice-Chancellor's Poetry Prize 2019

    Organised by the University of Canberra, the prize celebrates the enduring significance of poetry to cultures everywhere in the world and its ongoing and often seminal importance to world literature. It..

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