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    Multiple Disciplines / May 31, 2018 (deadline) May 31, 2018

    The Yeovil Literary Prize 2018

    Organised by the Yeovil Community Arts Association, The Yeovil Literary Prize is your opportunity to enter four very different categories of writing. Aspiring writers throughout the world should enter..

    Prose / June 30, 2018 (deadline) June 30, 2018

    The Moth International Short Story Prize 2018

    The Moth Short Story Prize is an important date on the literary calendar. Every year, a single judge is asked to choose three winning stories to feature in the autumn issue of The Moth. The Prize..

    Poetry / June 30, 2018 (deadline) June 30, 2018

    University Of Canberra ViceChancellor's Poetry Prize

    Organised by the University of Canberra, the prize celebrates the enduring significance of poetry to cultures everywhere in the world and its ongoing and often seminal importance to world literature. It..

    Prose / May 1, 2018 (deadline) May 1, 2018

    Bristol Short Story Prize 2018

    The Bristol Short Story Prize is an international writing competition that publishes an annual short story anthology as well as giving cash prizes. Stories can be on any theme or subject and are welcome..

    Poetry / March 31, 2018 (deadline) March 31, 2018

    The Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2018

    The Caterpillar is the younger sibling of The Moth, a magazine of poems and stories and art for grown-ups. The Caterpillar is for kids between the ages of 7 and 11(ish), though grown-ups are bound to like..

    Multiple Disciplines / May 1, 2018 (deadline) May 1, 2018

    Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition 2018

    The 11th Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition is searching for extraordinary television writers and fresh, compelling pilots for exposure to production companies, agencies, and managers. Launched..

    Prose / April 21, 2018 (deadline) April 21, 2018

    Tell A Tale Gothic Fiction Writing Contest

    Organised by TheatreCloud, a network of nine theatres across the UK that work together to support and develop drama audiences nationally, this call for entries is looking for a 500-word tale of terror..

    Students Only / June 18, 2018 (deadline) June 18, 2018

    Ocean Awareness Student Art Contest 2018

    Did you know that plastics account for 80% of all ocean pollution? This is one of the most pressing challenges facing the ocean. Plastics pose a huge threat to the ocean ecosystem because they do not biodegrade...

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